Kaljanas INVI Vertex Frosted Edelstahl Blue Yellow Purple


Kaljanas INVI Vertex Frosted Edelstahl Blue Yellow Purple

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Product information „INVI Vertex Frosted Stainless Steel – Blue-Yellow-Purple“

Maximum shisha pleasure with the INVI Vertex Frosted

Four different blow off effects
Trendy plug-in system of smoke column and bowl
Completely equipped with head and hose set
Quiet smoking and fewer vibrations thanks to the diffuser
Ingenious head adapter with integrated molasses catcher for less cleaning effort
Modern look with sleeves and two charcoal plates (in Vertex style)

The Vertex stainless steel hookah is an extremely versatile water pipe from INVI. It is in no way inferior to its big sister Recursion. Like the Recursion, the whistle offers four different blowing variants and impresses with its high quality.

The sleeves on the smoke column and mouthpiece can be exchanged. So you can give the Vertex a real facelift within a very short time. Like all INVI whistles, the Vertex comes fully equipped to your home.

The smoking fun can start immediately after unpacking. True to the motto buy shisha, smoke shisha and relax.

Closed chamber system with four different exhaust options

The INVI Vertex not only makes smoking a pleasure, but also blowing it out. Two options let the stale smoke rise up from the smoke base, and one lets the smoke flow down below the plate. Of course, this INVI pipe can also let the smoke escape between the two charcoal plates.

These four blow-off options make every vaper’s heart beat faster. However, the fresh blow-out options not only provide a visual highlight. Together with the closed chamber system in the bowl, they bring back the flavor during the smoking session. By blowing out the stale smoke, space is made for fresh ones, which makes the tobacco taste more intense again.

Attractive features of the fully equipped hookah

The pipe has two differently sized charcoal plates included in the scope of delivery. Especially the smaller one will inspire you. The Vertex pattern in different colors looks great and convinces with the great workmanship.

The next highlight is already waiting above the charcoal plates. The head adapter with integrated molasses catcher. Superfluous molasses is already collected there and prevents your shisha from being soaked.

However, the shisha model of the INVI family also scores a few floors below. The grooves of the Non Sticky Technology (NST) hold the mouthpiece, hose and hose connection firmly together. However, they do not stick, which guarantees easy detachment.

Shisha set from adapter to tongs

From the adapter for the hose to the tongs for the coals, everything is included in the scope of delivery. Everything is included in this set, starting with the adapter for the hose, the seals, the chimney head set and the head adapter, the coal plate, the mouthpiece and the smoke pipe with sleeves, the hose, the water pipe with the diffuser and the tongs.


  • Total height with chimney head set: approx. 52 cm
  • Total height with clay head: approx. 44 cm
  • Total height without head: approx. 37 cm

Technical specifications:

  • Connection glass & smoke columns: to plug in
  • Material: stainless steel, epoxy resin, glass
  • Glass height: approx. 19 cm
  • Smoke Base: Closed Chamber System
  • Water pipe: With diffuser
  • Length of water pipe: approx. 13 cm
  • Hose connections: 1
  • Hose length: approx. 150 cm
  • Mouthpiece length: approx. 29 cm
  • Ø plate: approx. 19cm, 16cm

Scope of delivery INVI Vertex:

  • 1 x chimney head set (sound head, head gasket, chimney attachment, head strainer)
  • 1 x head adapter including molasses catcher
  • 2 x stainless steel charcoal plates
  • 1 x flue pipe with colored sleeve
  • 1 x water pipe with unscrewable diffuser
  • 1x Glass
  • 1 x plug-in smoke base including lamellar seal
  • 4 x Ausbal Adapters
  • 1 x hose set (aluminum mouthpiece, hose, hose spring)
  • 8 x valve ball (6 mm)
  • 1 x Charcoal Tongs
  • 2x Gaskets

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